2012 Asia-Pacific Cancer Society Travel Grant Program (APCASOT)

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

All Fellowships are conditional on Fellows returning to the home institutes/country at the end of the fellowship period. They are granted subject to adequate funds being available, and are not granted for basic training, courses, lectures, meetings, conferences, congresses, etc. or for visiting institutes. Fellowships cannot be granted to applicants who are already physically present at the proposed host institute whilst their applications are under consideration i.e. the period between the application closing date and receipt of the countersigned Letter of Award by CCQ. No extensions are allowed and grants may not be financially supplemented by agencies other than the home or host institutes or by the Fellows personally. Fellowships that are terminated prematurely must be notified promptly to CCQ and appropriate funds reimbursed.

Applicants must be on the staff payroll of a voluntary cancer society (or be accredited volunteers with such a society) located in the Asia-Pacific region where they will return at the end of the fellowship. The applicant must possess the appropriate professional qualifications and experience, and should be in a position where they can influence and bring about positive change towards the development and effectiveness of the society. To permit effective communication at the host institute, the applicant must have adequate fluency in a common language. Only one fellowship scheme can be applied to at a time. Only one applicant from a single organization can apply for a fellowship each year.

Deadline: Applications open – 29 May 2012

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