2012 Postdoctoral Fellowship within Developmental Biology and 3D Imaging in Denmark

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We are recruiting an outstanding, ambitious postdoctoral candidate with a strong background in cell biology, and/or developmental biology to join our group. The postdoctoral candidate will study how mechanotransduction via cell-cell interactions and cytoskeletal dynamics controls pancreatic morphogenesis and cell fate specification. The primary focus in this project will be to perform time lapse imaging of live mouse pancreatic organ explants in an established in vitro system using confocal microscopy. We will use a combination of fluorescent reporter mouse strains with conditional gene inactivation of key morphogenetic regulators (including Rho GTPases and downstream components) in the developing mouse pancreatic epithelium. The candidate should have previous experience with confocal microscopy on an advanced level, and ideally also experience with live imaging of cells/organs using fluorescent reporters. Furthermore, a candidate with experience with the mouse model, mouse genetics, fine dissection and Imaris and/or Fiji software would be preferred.

-A PhD in cell biology, genetics, developmental biology or a similar field -An excellent publication record along with experience in developmental biology is essential -Advanced training and experience (>3 years) in confocal microscopy is essential -Experience in live imaging as well as 3D and movie processing in Imaris/Fiji or similar software is ideal -Experience with the mouse as an experimental model and mouse genetics is ideal -Strong motivation and excellent scientific skills are essential -Good English communication skills, both oral and written -An analytical aptitude of devising innovative scientific or technical solutions. -Demonstrate enthusiasm, motivation, flexibility and confidence.

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