2013 CEMEF PhD in Speeding-Up Parallel Calculations by Multigrid Method and Local Remeshing in France

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Transvalor Company, editor of Forge software is offering PhD position at the Centre for Material Forming (CEMEF). The position is offered in Speeding-Up Parallel calculations by the multigrid method and local remeshing. The applicant applying for the position should have high knowledge in computer science and applied mathematics, hopefully with ideas on Parallel Computation. Applicants will receive a salary of 26 k€ /year (except CIFRE).. This thesis aims at developping a new solver based on the multigrid algorithm within the FORGE software using the mathematical library PETSc It takes place within the context of parallel computing on large or very large numbers of processors. It is expected to get speed-up factors between 2 and 5. In the continuity of this objective, research work will focus on the optimization of parallel remeshing algorithms, because the other lock finite element simulation is the automatic generation of 3D meshes. In the context of the large deformations encountered in forging, remeshing occurs very frequently and is too time-consuming. The project aims at performing partial remeshing of the domain, only in the deformed zones, for greater efficiency.. This position is available for pursuing PhD level.
The research areas of this scholarship are:  PhD position is provided in Speeding-up Parallel calculations by the Multigrid method and local remeshing
Who can apply to this scholarship? High knowledge in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, hopefully with ideas on Parallel Computation.Scholarship Open for International Students: The students of France can apply for the scholarship.
Benefits of the scholarship: Applicants will receive a salary of 26 k€ /year (except CIFRE).
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