5 tips to find accommodation abroad

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1. The easy option, if available: Accommodation campus
Depending on your destination university, you will have more or less ease in finding housing. In major European cities, the rent can cost the skin of the buttocks, and the owners are not always very enthusiastic to rent to tenants stopping only in town a few months. If the university of your choice, however, has a campus with student accommodation, your steps become easier! The rent of residences varies, but the benefits remain similar regardless of the country close to your places of course, cultural diversity in residential, social life facilitated by the communal kitchens and activities organized by the managers of student housing…
For a stay abroad uncomplicated and full of that “buzz” dynamic student campus residences are an option not to be despised!

2. Strength in numbers: share a flat
If you know other students from your university with you abroad, why not find an apartment together? The costs of living seem much less daunting once divided and cohabitation will help you not to feel too isolated in a big foreign city.

3. Councillors and resources available
If there is no student residences – or live on campus you do not like – it will turn to the vast world outside property. If you do not control the language, the language barrier can cause some problems, especially when you speak with the individual owners.
However, you will find various resources to help you at university. If you arrived with the support of an organization, it will probably offer to help you in your efforts. Otherwise, the university itself have a referral service that will point you in the right direction.

4. Wonders of technology: cellular and websites
If all fails, the best advice we can give you is to provide you with a local SIM card and surf the websites of local housing. Make calls, move, visit housing … You’ll probably offers plastered on walls, university bulletin board, telephone poles: try. Some préfèront complete a room or a studio before their arrival, but online ads are not all reliable. Sometimes it is better to be on site to be able to get a fair idea of ​​the accommodations offered – and the type of person that is your own.

5. Arrive early: for thorough comparators
It is best to arrive before classes begin! Take a tour of the city, familiarize yourself with the transportation system and the various districts, make an appointment with the owners one or two weeks before the rest of the crowd of foreign students coming, even if it means accommodating those few time in a youth hostel …!
Have a good stay!

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