Australian High Commission Scholarships

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The Australian High Commission gather a group of scholarship programs awarded by different institutions from Australia.

One of them is the Australia Awards program, a scholarship supported by the Australian Government under the Australia Awards Initiative, which aims to grant more than 19.000 scholarships to applicants from the Asia Pacific Region including Pakistan.

Study, research or a professional development activity are the ways that Australia Awards takes into account in order to create true linkages between people belonging to the same institutions or countries and support the enhancement of leadership skills for contributing to development of the home country of each one of the scholars that are awarded.

There are also Institution specific scholarships, offered by each university in particular, aiming to help students to enroll and finish their programs. This kind of awards are commonly most accurate regarding the covering of fees and expenses since they have been designed by the same university. The International Centres of Excellence Scholarships are another option for Pakistan students, based on five areas: Asia Pacific Studies, Water Resource Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Sports Science and Mathematics.

Specifically, the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality (THE-ICE) and International Centre of Excellence in Water Resource Management (ICEWARM) offer scholarships for international students in the universities that are part of their organization.

The ADS or Australian Development Scholarships are offered to Pakistan students by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and cover different areas such as maternal, neonatal and child health services, basic education services, rural development & food security; and Governance as well as public sector reform and improved standards of governance for private and public institutions which are considered as priorities for Pakistan’s development.

The Endeavour Programme is another initiative of the Australian Government, offering awards open to international students from certain countries worldwide including Pakistan. Specific scholarships programs for Pakistani students are:

  • The Endeavour Pakistan Research Fellowships awards for short-term postgraduate or postdoctoral research in Australia
  • The Endeavour Pakistan Executive Awards for high achieving professionals in government, business, industry and education sectors
  • The Endeavour Pakistan Vocational and Technical Education (VTE) Awards for Diploma or Advanced Diploma level at a public or private Australian university

Besides these programs, the Endeavour Programme also offers the following awards for international student including Pakistan citizens, for short or long term study, research or professional development:

  • Endeavour Research Fellowships
  • Endeavour Executive Awards
  • Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarships
  • Endeavour VTE Awards

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