International Fellowships for PhD Positions at Scuola Normale Superiore in Italy, 2013/14

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Scuola Normale Superiore is offering international fellowships for 25 PhD positions in Italy. Fellowships are offered for the duration of three years with the exception of Molecular Biophysics and Neurobiology which last four years. These full fellowships include housing assistance, free board in the SNS dining hall and travel expenses. Fellowship holders authorized to carry out research and study outside of the SNS may receive an additional grant up to a maximum amount of €6,000.00/year. Online application must be send by 19 September 2013.. The Application procedures aim to evaluate the candidate’s superior preparation, talent, motivation and research aptitude by considering his/her CV, work to date, proposed research/study plan and exams/interviews. The Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) PhD fellowships last three years, with the exception of Molecular Biophysics and Neurobiology, which last four years. Fellowships will be begin from 1 November 2013. The PhD program at the SNS includes classroom lessons, seminars and research activities. Thanks to individualized study/research plans as well as interdisciplinary work, the SNS PhD program broadens each student’s educational foundations, prepares students for research and leads to the obtainment of a particularly high level of academic specialization. SNS PhD students must follow research plans approved annually by the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Sciences. Periods of study and research for students in other reputable Italian and foreign Universities or Institutions may be authorized and financed by the SNS. Research activity is directed to the preparation of a dissertation demonstrating original and academically relevant work. At the end of the program, the results illustrated in the dissertation must be defended in front of an international Committee of specialists.. Positions are open for pursuing PhD degree at Scuola Normale Superiore in Italy.
The research areas of this scholarship are: Not provided
Who can apply to this scholarship? :
· Applications are invited from candidates of any nationality in possession of the following requisites:
· MS, MSc or equivalent completed by 31 October 2013
· born after 31 October 1983
· knowledge of English or Italian adequate to consent academic work and research
· never to have applied or not to have applied more than once for a PhD at the SNS
· not to have been object of any of the sanctions or legal actions indicated at point a.1 in Attachment A.
Benefits of the scholarship: Successful candidates who are citizens of non-European Union nations may request the reimbursement of travel expenses to begin the PhD program, up to a maximum of €1,000.00. The PhD fellowship is paid out in 12 identical end-of-month payments subject to on-going satisfactory work and research by the student. For the 2013-2014 academic year it is composed of a) fellowship: €9,284.28 b) housing assistance: €4,800.00 c) free board in the SNS dining hall. Fellowship holders authorized to carry out research and study outside of the SNS may receive an additional grant up to a maximum amount of €6,000.00/year. The scholarship is subject to Italian fiscal and social security regulations.
More information about the fellowship:
Duration: Not provided
Number of scholarships: Not provided

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