IRF Fellowship Program for International Students in USA, 2014/15

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International Road Educational Foundation offers fellowship program for international students to pursue graduate degree at one of IRF’s Core Universities in USA. The Program provides a one-time grant toward the costs of university graduate study in fields related to the development of better and safer roads and road networks worldwide. Candidates are selected on the basis of a strong academic background, professional qualifications and leadership potential. Application should be submitted till September 30, 2013.. Through the International Road Educational Foundation, the IRF awards grants to graduate engineers and other transportation professionals from around the world in support of full-time academic training. With this the IRF actively supports the future generations who will build the road networks. Graduates of the Program comprise of a group of highly skilled, efficient, and productive experts that exert a strong influence on the orderly development of road transportation systems around the world..  Fellowship is available for pursuing graduate degree at IRFone of IRF’s Core Universities in the United States.
The research areas of this scholarship are: Fellowship is provided in a highway?related field (related to the development of better and safer roads and road networks worldwide.)
Who can apply to this scholarship? The objective of the IRF Fellowship Program is to assist nations in their road improvement efforts by arranging for advanced education of their most promising professionals from either the private or public sector. Upon receipt of a nomination the IRF reviews both the nominee’s professional record and his undergraduate academic record. The universities, however, tend to place greater weight on the previous academic record when reviewing an application for admission. Accordingly, to be admitted to an accredited university, it is essential that the nominee’s undergraduate academic record be satisfactory. “Satisfactory” is the equivalent of an overall grade point average of “3.0? on a scale of 1 ? 4 (highest) for admission to a master’s degree program, and only slightly less for admission to a non?degree program. Particular attention should be paid to this requirement as admission to graduate schools is highly competitive, and an unsatisfactory academic record could cause the nominee’s case to be rejected by the International Road Federation and/or the universities.
· For admission of students from countries in which English is not the primary language, universities in the United States also require certification of the English language qualification of the applicant through the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) examination. A minimum TOEFL score of 550 (paper?based) or 213 (computer?based) is currently required at most universities in the United States.
Benefits of the scholarship:  The International Road Federation Fellowship Program provides a financial grant that is applied toward the costs of graduate study at an accredited university in a highway?related field. All other funds, including the cost of round?trip international air travel, must be arranged for by the student’s sponsor. Cost of living and tuition vary widely among universities. Living expenses at universities in the United States currently are estimated at a minimum of US$1,000 per month. The student should have at least a portion of his or her maintenance funds with him or her on arrival to cover initial housing and food expenses.
More information about the fellowship:
Duration:  The Program provides a one-time grant. The grant is typically paid to the student in two equal payments at the beginning of each of the first two semesters. Alternatively, at the option of the sponsor, the International Road Federation can directly pay university billings for tuition and fees within the limits of the grant.
Number of scholarships:   Not Known

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