PhD Fellowship in Medical Molecular Pharmacology at University of Southern Denmark in Denmark, 2012

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A 3-year fellowship to complete PhD studies in medical molecular pharmacology is available at the Department of Cardiovascular and Renal Research, Institute of Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences. The section of medical molecular pharmacology (head: Prof. Dr. Jo G. R. De Mey) is a recent addition to the Department of Cardiovascular and Renal Research. It focusses on basic scientific research aiming at the translation of modern developments in molecular pharmacology into better pharmacotherapy of patients suffering from cardiovascular or renal diseases. This particular PhD project addresses crosstalk in the vasculature between receptors acted upon by neuropeptides and those engaged by endothelium-derived peptides. To this end it will use organ bath experiments, ligand-binding techniques, signaling detection and advanced molecular imaging. -Applicants must hold a degree of candidate in medicine (M.D.) or equivalent master’s degree (M.Sc.) in biomedical sciences, pharmacy or biology. -The successful applicant will be enrolled in the Graduate School of Kidney, Heart and Blood Pressure at the University of Southern Denmark.

Deadline: Do submit your applications till 1 November 2012.

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