PhD Fellowships in Continental Lithosphere at University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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The Solid Earth Geophysics Group at the Department of Geography and Geology, University of Copenhagen seeks applications for two PhD positions to work on the thermo-chemical structure of continental lithosphere. The two PhDs will work in the framework of an ambitious interdisciplinary project funded by the Danish Research Council. The goal of this project is to obtain insights on the nature, formation and evolution of old stable parts of continents. The project aims to map the compositional and thermal structure of the continental lithosphere at unprecedented detail by combining seismic, gravity and petrological interpretations with current knowledge of high-pressure, high-temperature mineral physics.

The first PhD will work on the seismological aspects of the project. His duties will be to analyze, model and interpret long-period seismic waveforms. A background in seismic inversion and/or computational seismology would be an advantage. The second PhD will work on thermodynamical modeling of material properties and on modeling and interpretation of gravity data. A background in computational petrology or in geophysical fluid dynamics or experience in inverting potential-field data is an advantage. A MSc degree in Earth Sciences or related disciplines is a requirement for both positions. The students will closely collaborate and they will receive a broad interdisciplinary training. Their education will also include a training period of 6 months abroad. Fieldwork opportunity is envisaged. Main language will be English.

Deadline: 23-12-2011

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