PhD Position in Biophysics for International Students at Stockholm University in Sweden, 2013

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Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Stockholm University is offering a PhD research position for international applicants. PhD position is awarded to a maximum of four years which covers economic support. No tuition fee is charged. The applicant is selected on the basis of merit. The online application should be submitted by September 10, 2013.. Electrophysiology & Modeling of Ligand-gated Ion Channels Membrane proteins are critical for signaling and transport across membranes, but these processes cannot be accomplished with static structures. To fulfill their functions, channels, transporters, and other membrane proteins undergo transient conformation changes; by their very nature these are quite hard to capture either experimentally or in models. Our lab uses combinations of experimental techniques (in particular Electrophysiology, where we measure currents through ion channels) combined with state-of-the-art Bioinformatics and Molecular simulation to investigate how ion channels work and how this function is explained from different structures and conformational motions.We are particularly interested in ligand-gated channels that open or close in response to small molecules binding in our nerve system and brain, and how these are affected by secondary molecules such as alcohols or anesthetics through allosteric modulation. This is exceptionally important to understand ion channels – and thus our nerve system – on a molecular level, and it also has a wide range of applications in anesthetics and many diseases. The successful candidate will use biochemistry/physics methods such as molecular biology, microscopy and Electrophysiology, where a background in biochemistry or biophysics would be suitable, and/or Bioinformatics and molecular simulation where a strong background in theoretical biophysics is important. The ideal candidate would have experience from both fields, and will work in a large team of both experimental and computational researchers. The Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics is mainly located with the other Departments of Chemistry and Life Sciences in the Arrhenius Laboratories for Natural Sciences, which are situated in the northern part of the University Campus at Frescati. Presently around 190 people are working at the Department of which 85 are PhD students engaged in internationally highly recognized research covering a broad range of subjects. The Department is also deeply involved in teaching, with courses at all undergraduate levels, including a wide range of Master courses. A close link between the undergraduate program and the research projects has since long been a tradition and a trademark of the Department. Three centers are linked to the Department: Stockholm Center for Biomembrane Research, Science for Life Laboratory and Stockholm Bioinformatics Centre. The present project will be placed at the Science for Life Laboratory.. This position is open for pursuing PhD degree level at Stockholm University in Sweden.
The research areas of this scholarship are: The position is available in biophysics at Stockholm University in Sweden.
Who can apply to this scholarship? To be accepted as a PhD student, credits corresponding to four years of full
· time studies at the undergraduate level are required, including credits corresponding to at least two years of full time studies in chemistry, life sciences or physics, depending on the program. The credits should include courses at the advanced level (second cycle) corresponding to one year and of this one semester should be a degree thesis. In order to facilitate the evaluation of merits and suitability for the PhD studies the curriculum vitae (CV) should contain information about the extent and focus of the academic studies. The quantity (as part of an academic year) and the quality mark of courses in chemistry and physics are of particular interest. The title, number of credits and the length in full
· time months of undergraduate thesis and project work should be specified.
Benefits of the scholarship: Economic support is guaranteed during the agreed time in the individual study syllabus (study plan) for the PhD studies. The department may request that the graduate student takes part in teaching or other departmental work in an activity additional to the graduate studies for up to 20% of the full work time. The PhD positions are open for international students on equal terms. No tuition fee is charged.
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