PhD Position in the Department of Water Engineering and Management at University of Twente, Netherlands

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The PhD research will be aimed at the development of a model for sand transport under breaking waves. During the breaking process of waves near the beach large quantities of sand are stirred up from the sea bed and transported. The detailed dynamics of this transport process, which takes place near the sea bed (bed-load) as well as higher in the water column (suspended-load), are still relatively unknown and quantitative transport models for breaking waves are therefore still unreliable.

We are looking for an enthusiastic PhD student with knowledge of or strong affinity with fluid mechanics and transport processes, experimental research, and coastal sediment dynamics. The candidate should have a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, (Geo)Physics, Physical Geography or a closely related area. Further, we find it important that the researcher is able to set his or her research in a broader perspective (internationally) and that he or she will be able to coordinate this with the involved parties. Therefore, we are looking for people with an open mind, strong communicative qualities and excellent comprehension of English, both in spoken language and in writing. Comprehension of the Dutch language is beneficial.

Deadline: Before the 6th of January 2012

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