PhD Studentship in Discovery Learning in Kindergarten, Radboud University, Netherlands

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As a PhD student you will participate in a project entitled ‘Individual variation in the processes of scientific discovery learning in kindergarten’. In scientific discovery learning, children move from intuitive, implicit, context-bound domain-specific knowledge representations as initial state towards formal, explicit, context-free, domain-general knowledge representations. In order to gain a better understanding of children’s development of scientific representations, it is important to identify the basic principles in representational development across scientific domains in individual children and the factors explaining individual differences between children.

– a Research Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience or Behavioural Science, Education, or another relevant field; – broad experience in quantitative research, outstanding methodological and analytical qualities, and experience with collecting and analysing data; – excellent oral and writing skills (in Dutch and in English); – organizational talent, accompanied by independence and perseverance.

Deadline: Before 15 February 2012

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