Postdoctoral and PhD Position in Trait-Based Analysis and Modelling of Ocean Life at DTU

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The project aims at assessing how trait distributions of ocean life are influenced by different degrees of seasonal forcing. The idea is to combine data-analysis and modelling approaches to determine which traits are favoured by different degrees of seasonal forcing (e.g. high vs. low latitudes), including how trait distributions of short-lived organisms vary throughout the season. Relevant traits could be body size, reproductive strategy and timing, feeding mode, activity level etc. The project may focus on either the fish community or the plankton community. To this end it can rely on already established modelling frameworks for the fish community or the hydrodynamics of a water-column. The expected results will be the establishment of patterns of traits with latitude or throughout the season and mathematical models which explain the emergence of those patterns

We envisage an ecologist with strong quantitative skills or a physicist/mathematician/engineer with a keen interest in ecology. Because there are two positions we hope to employ candidates with complementary skills. -Postdoctoral Position: Candidates should have a PhD degree or equivalent. -PhD student position: Candidates should have a master’s degree with an academic level equivalent to a master’s degree in engineering.

Deadline: 1 December 2011

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