Postdoctoral Position: Radiation Biology with Auger Electron Emitters, Denmark 2011

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We wish to setup a new method for experimental verification of the (often unknown) relative biological effectiveness of Auger emitters when decaying inside the cell nucleus of proliferating cancer cells. We have built a new lab for this specific purpose, focusing on cellular scale microinjections of radioactivity in individual cancer cells in culture. For this we need a devoted experimental scientist. The work area is interdisciplinary, and we are very open to the educational, scientific or occupational background of the applicants. This new field straddles nuclear and atomic physics, radiochemistry, cell biology and radiation biology. Candidates with hands on experience from microinjections, cancer cell cultures, evaluation of radiation damage at DNA level or similar are highly encouraged to apply. The Postdoc will work in close collaboration with our professor Mikael Jensen and the Hevesy Lab. group. We have already experience with several of the involved methods, but the successful combination of quantitative microinjections of radioactivity with microscopic DNA damage readout is a totally new tool. If successful, the experimental method will have great impact on the future of internal dosimetry in general, and much further experimental work is expected.

A candidate must have a relevant PhD degree or equivalent and preferably some years of experience in experimental research. Emphasis will be placed on the candidate’s research potential and commitment concerning the actual project. You will become part of a young and devoted group (22 people at present) of radiation researchers in the Hevesy Lab. As an important part of our daily life (and financial survival), we develop and supply cutting edge radiopharmaceuticals for both biomedical research and for routine use in diagnosis and therapy.

Deadline: 1 November 2011

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