Training Fellowship Programmes for Arrhythmias and Cardiac Pacing with Emphasis on ICD/CRT, France

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One-year Training Fellowships are offered to provide physicians the opportunity for clinical training in arrhythmia and cardiac pacing in a regular ESC Member Country or ESC Affiliated National Societies, preferably outside their home country. Physicians need to have completed their cardiology training but not yet obtained a consultant or equivalent permanent status. This training fellowship aims at promoting the development of academic medicine in the field of arrhythmias and cardiac pacing with emphasis on ICD/CRT and is designed for physicians with more extensive experience in the fields of cardiology and electrophysiology. The fellows shall gain advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of: pacemaker and ICD including bi-ventricular pacing in heart failure patients, leads and devices extractions and other challenging cases.

All applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of a regular ESC Member Country or ESC Affiliated National Societies. If you wonder whether you are a citizen or permanent resident of an : * ESC member country, please check here * ESC affiliated national societies, please check here

Deadline: 15 December 2011

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